Please use headphones to fully experience this soundwalk

A project by Nikki Lindt

In collaboration with:
The NYC Urban Field Station Collaborative Arts Program, USDA Forest Service, NYC Parks, The Nature of Cities, and the Prospect Park Alliance

Funding has been made possible by the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Urban Field Station Collaborative Arts Program and The Puffin Foundation, they are thanked for their support of this project

Narration 'We Are Here': Patty Nieman

Sound editing: Avishag C. Rodrigues

Sound mastering: Rosana Caban

Website: Karen Tsugawa, David Maddox (The Nature of Cities)

Color correction: Jenny Schweitzer Bell

Graphic designer logo: Alicia Wirt Fox

Advisors and reviewers: Novem Auyeung, Lindsay Campbell, David Maddox, Erika Svendsen, Elizabeth Masella, Rich Hallett, Sarah Hines, Lindsey Rustad, Eric W. Sanderson

Prospect Park liaisons: Deborah Kirschner, Mark Anthony, Marty Woess

Thank you to: The Beyond Trees Network, Natural Areas Conservancy, Toolik Field Station, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, NY/NJBaykeeper, Mark Helder, Dalit Gurevich, Mica Vanderpool, Bram Gunther, Liz Heskin, Liza Paqueo, Emily Stephan, Rebecca Swadek, Georgina Cullman, Naomi Lindt, Cecile Chong, Lora Lavon, Suzanne Thorpe, Jonathan Harris, Ellen Hartig, Elise Herschlag, Elizabeth Otte and the Green Team at BASE High School, The Dalton School and The International School.

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