Please use headphones to fully experience this soundwalk

Recording in soil below melting icicles
Cherry Valley, NY

Recording in soil with April rain showers
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC

Recording in soil under melting snow
Cherry Valley, NY

Recording in soil of falling snow
East River Park, Brooklyn, NYC



When the second image appears in the videos, underground sound will be heard.

These videos connect these ecosystems and communities through the shared experience of underground sound.


Spring rain is generally very welcome as it gets the growing season started. In recent years, we have been experiencing an increase in the number of short intense rain events, called Cloudbursts, due to climate change. This occurs because warmer air can hold more water. Over the years many marshes, forests, and other green spaces have been paved over and can no longer help with the absorption of this excess water. New York City’s storm water pipes were designed largely based on historic precipitation and runoff rates, which are not sufficient for our more frequent intense storms and increase in paved surfaces. Important projects for our future are starting to take hold, restoring our wetlands and reinvigorating greenspaces.

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