Please use headphones to fully experience this soundwalk

Recording in soil, falling acorns and leaves
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Recording in (thawing) frozen soil
Thain Forest, Bronx, NYC

Recording in the soil of the forest floor
Cherry Valley, NY



When the second image appears in the videos, underground sound will be heard.

These videos connect these ecosystems and communities through the shared experience of underground sound.


Beneath us, there are diverse and dynamic worlds. The soils in this park contain microscopic food webs, fungal networks, animals that turn dead materials (like fallen leaves) into nutrients, and more. Similar to ecosystems above ground, soils can vary from one season to the next and from one place to another. As soils freeze and thaw, some microbes become dormant while others come to life. Healthy soils can also look, smell, feel, and sound different from degraded, polluted, and compacted soils because of differences in their physical, chemical, and biological properties. Recently, scientists learned that there are unique fungal communities in NYC that can metabolize heavy metals and other pollutants and also bacteria that can potentially produce new biomedically important products. We are still only beginning to uncover the wealth of knowledge hidden in our soils, including its dynamic sonic ecosystem.

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