Please use headphones to fully experience this soundwalk

Recording in stream bed
Prospect Park, NYC

Recording inside fallen tree in stream
Greenbelt, Staten Island, NYC

Recording inside frozen stream
Cherry Valley, NY



When the second image appears in the videos, underground sound will be heard.

These videos connect these ecosystems and communities through the shared experience of underground sound.


New York City has a vast network of streams that provides habitat for many plants and animals, and many are still present in the locations they were hundreds of years ago. But most now flow deep under the city, which was built on top of them. Many parts of NYC used to flood regularly, and in the same locations where streams once ran above ground we get the most flooding now. We are connected to the city’s past, but also the future through this network of streams. To help the city function better during storm surge, some streams are beginning to be restored and invigorated. One in particular, Tibbetts Brook, is in the process of being ‘daylighted’ or brought back to the surface from underground to run in its natural course and provide a home to NYC’s unique flora and fauna once again.

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